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Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy are Hillcrest-based Physiotherapy practices. Established in 2003, the practice focusses on lower back pain, sciatica treatment, neck pain, headaches, vertigo, sports’ injuries such as ankle sprains, and post-operative recovery treatment. Children’s conditions and school sports’ injuries are also an emphasis for us.

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The team is made up of experienced and highly qualified Physiotherapists, all with a passion for what they do.

We offer physiotherapy assessments and treatments for all injuries. We address back and neck problems such as sciatica, disc herniation and headaches. The sports injuries we frequently treat include rotator cuff tears, patellofemoral dysfunction, muscle tears and ankle sprains. Our services include:  individualised back rehabilitation using the Pilates’ method, back strengthening exercises and classes, sports’ performance programmes, vertigo therapy, hip, knee and shoulder replacement rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists provide our patients with insight into the common causes of back pain, back pain prevention tips as well as self-help techniques for full recovery. 


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