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Mission Statement


This practice strives to provide a professional and caring service of the highest quality of Physiotherapy to the surrounding community of both patients and referring practitioners. We endeavour to be available to those in need of treatment and bill a professional fee that is a medical aid rate and reasonable to our patients. 


Every problem no matter how big or small is given careful consideration, our attitude is non judgmental and empathetic.  Assessments are accurate, detailed and treatment effective.  Focus is on restoring function, preventing further injury or deterioration and empowering the patient to manage his/her own healing process.

Principles of the practice


The principles of Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy are to provide physiotherapy treatment, from analysis of the cause through a complex evaluation, to careful treatment including corrective actions, through to complete recovery and improved confidence in sport's performance.

Informed Consent


After initial evaluation of a patient's condition, the physiotherapist will discuss with them a proposed plan of treatment. This will include the expected outcome, any possible complications that could arise and, if so, how to manage them. Only after they have a full understanding of what is involved is the patient required to give their consent to begin treatment.  



Highly professional staff are employed by the practice. Our staff are trained to make the welfare of their patients their highest priority. All physios are encouraged and supported to complete a post graduate Physiotherapy course.

Total Patient Satisfaction


The aim is always to achieve total recovery from pain or injury and this is the overriding priority of the practice. The dignity of patients is always respected. The advantage of rehabilitation following back  or sports injuries is emphasized. We want to make patients feel proud that they are taking charge of their conditions. Strict personal hygiene is practiced by the staff and all equipment is kept in a safe and hygienic condition

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