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Back pain

If your back is in pain or stiff and your movement is restricted or painful, physiotherapy will help. At Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy we strive to provide you with the best physiotherapy plan of treatment that is suitable for you and your current lifestyle factors.

  1. The Plan for Moderate Back Pain – 4 to 6 sessions

We help you to find relief from the pain through physiotherapy techniques. We share our knowledge of the human body and explain the possible sources of pain. We show you pain relief methods and the exercises that you can do to prevent a reoccurrence.


The techniques that we use include massage, mobilisations of joints and nerves, some manipulations, dry needling, exercise therapy, and electrical therapy. We can apply strapping to ease the pain and support the area. The Moderate Plan is usually between 4 to 6 treatments.


  1. The Plan for Intense Back Pain – approximately 8 sessions

This plan includes a similar treatment course to the Moderate Back Pain Plan with extended service that includes:

  • Posture analysis and training

  • Body movement analysis – walking, jogging, running, reaching for example

  • Muscle balance and core stabilising muscle quality testing. If your key muscle and movement inequalities are retrained, we use different methods such as Pilates,

  • Alexander Therapy, weight training, and best practice exercise programmes

  • Chair ergonomics and ideal workstation setup

  • We help you with identification of provoking factors of your pain and how to minimise these including some self-treatment techniques

  • Discuss and strategise life and environmental stressors that are pain contributors

Our Moderate Plan takes approximately 8 treatments to cover the above and can be revised from time to time.


  1. The Plan for Ongoing and Severe Back Pain – 10 sessions per course

This plan is for those whose back pain is primarily from life and environmental stressors. If you have had multiple operations, radiation, trauma, and adverse life events then this plan is best suited to you. Our treatment is gentle with a focus on the muscle, joints, and neural pathways.


Up to 10 treatments are required for this plan and several follow-up courses may be applicable to manage the pain and ensure continual healing.


We complement our physiotherapy service with Pilates classes where you can join fellow back pain sufferers to practice the exercises you have been taught during treatment and share experiences and tips.

For further information, there are some useful blogs on our website that have been written by our physiotherapists.

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