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Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy started out from a small solo practice with no administration staff and a slow trickle of patients and has progressed to a well- respected practice with the support of the community and local doctors. In the past the practice has provided care for back and chronic pain conditions, sports injuries and patients as suffering from neurological conditions. Whilst the interest remains with back conditions and sports injuies, the interest of the practice staff has shifted and there are a number of school going children being treated and a growing orthopaedic patient service.


The practice has developed a good reputation for experienced care within the medical fraternity especially with regards to chronic conditions where rehabilitation exercise, like Pilates would benefit. Back classes are on-going and provide rehabilitation for injuries and chronic back conditions. These classes also provide peer support and a social outlet for many patients with groups often socialising outside the classes.


The practice has an annual Physiotherapy awards event at which progress and commitment is rewarded. A celebrity guest is invited to this event to present the awards. So far the practice has enjoyed the presence at the ceremony of local Doctors, Specialists, well-known personalities and top business performers.

The practice supports local charities through partaking in  awareness campaigns and fund raising activities.   We have been involved with Reach for a Dream, KZN Deaf and Blin Society, Hillcrest Aids Centre, Ishi Greshan Home for the elderly, Crow, SA vets Save the Rhino, and a care for stray dogs charity.

Our staff have achieved post graduated qualificationsSix junior Physiotherapists have started their career at the practice, completed a post-graduate course in Physiotherapy to progress to a senior level. The practice has seen these young people develop their own unique talents and grow into highly effective Physiotherapists. 


To date we have had eight success stories published in the local press. 

Our patients have overcome injuries from a neck broken in multiple places after a mountain bike accident, an incomplete spinal cord injury from a broken neck after a car crash, a disc that herniated during a plane flight to Australia which paralysed temporarily, knee replacement after a crushing injury, severe back pain in a thirty year old when three disc’s herniated at the same time, chronic back pain that a teacher suffered with and a young national swimmer improve her sports performance to make the South African Olympic training squad.

SASP Back week

We as a physiotherapy practice align ourselves with the South African Society of Physiotherapy We participate in the events that help promote physiotherapy. The idea behind back week is to promote back care. Recently the society has taken the stance from individual to community based interventions. We did the lunge for a minute challenge as apart of Back week, to promote community safety and taking 'back' our streets and public space for areas of exercise and physical activity.



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