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Sport's Injuries

At Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy we are passionate about sport and know how frustrating it is to have an injury. We understand the perplexing nature of an injury, one that you can’t put a finger on to name, and the mystery of how and why the injury has happened. Should you rest or should you work it and who can you ask? Book an appointment to see us and we will work with you to get you back to your optimum performance as soon as possible.
Physiotherapists are trained in the study of human movement and will: 
•    look at your sports posture and movement, 
•    do a clinical assessment of the area, 
•    check range and feel of joint and muscle, 
•    check on the quality of your muscle work; are your muscles balanced in power, coordinating correctly, or is there a substituting muscle contraction or body movement that has altered the transmission of force through your body? 

We’ll talk with you through carefully guided clinical questioning to work out if your injury was accidental, incorrect technique, overuse, or a strain from the faulty transmission of force through your body. 
We will help you by:
•    carefully diagnosing, 
•    providing a suitable plan of how best to recover and how the restoration or improvement of the correct body movement and alignment can be approached. 
•    designing a course of physiotherapy for your injury that is unique to you and your ambition of the level that you require your body to perform at
•    provide a ‘return to play’ plan should you be involved in team or impact sports 

If required, we will advise when you should go for further investigations or see other specialists in order to make to full recovery. Your recovery is our priority and, in some cases, collaboration with other medical specialists is what is required. 

Please check out our Facebook page for great stories of success with athletes that we have treated.

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