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Benefits of Physiotherapy by Megan Fryer

Physiotherapy can help people of all ages with medical conditions, injuries or illnesses that cause pain and effect movement and function. Physiotherapy is about restoring and maintaining a person’s physical function and can have a huge impact on the individual by helping them recover from injury or live independently with a disability.

There are many benefits to physiotherapy:

1. You will receive a thorough assessment of your injury / condition.

2. You will gain a better understanding of your injury / condition and the management thereof.

3. Physiotherapy will reduce or eliminate your pain as you go through the treatment process.

4. Physiotherapy will help you improve your overall mobility.

5. Physiotherapy will help improve your sports performance.

6. Physiotherapy assists you in recovery from injury.

7. Receiving physiotherapy potentially decreases the likelihood of undergoing surgery.

8. Physiotherapy will improve your balance and co-ordination which decreases the risk of falls and injury.

9. Physiotherapy improves chest function.

10. Physiotherapy can improve function in persons living with a neurological condition.

11. Physiotherapy is effective in the management of vertigo and dizziness.

12. Physiotherapy is effective in the management of arthritis.

13. Physiotherapy can improve your posture and ergonomics to decrease back pain.

14. Physiotherapy can help in recovery from Long-COVID.

15. Physiotherapy interventions will decrease swelling.

16. Physiotherapy will increase the range of motion in a joint.

17. Physiotherapy rehabilitation is effective when treating teenagers with scoliosis.

18. Physiotherapy can enhance your quality of life.

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