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Concussions in Rugby: Prevention and Treatment Part 3 By Mark Waller BSc (Physio) Wits

Photo kindly supplied by Derrin van Ginkel

With concussions being so serious it’s important to find ways that can help prevent them from occurring and, in turn, help prevent an individual from suffering from a second concussion. Current protocol has been put into play by World Rugby to help reduce the rate of concussions and this is evident in statistics which show that during the 2019 Rugby World cup there was a 12% decrease in the amounts of concussions compared to the 2015 Ruby World Cup (World Rugby, 2019).

Boksmart has intervened in South Africa and there are certain measures that are in place to help locally. This includes a concussion register that is required for all teams from school level all the way to professional level and the blue card system. Both helps manage and monitor players who have suffered concussions or previous concussions. Education on the condition and how to prevent it is vital.

Physiotherapy can help significantly with concussion management and treatment of possible side effects including co-ordination, balance, proprioception issues as well as aiding in pain management and management of any whiplash complications. Vestibular Ocular Motor screening is also done by the physiotherapist to assess and manage the condition of the players vestibular and ocular systems which is important in returning to previous function.

Physiotherapists can also aid in prevention of the injury; the physio can help with preseason risk screening of the team. Research has shown that strengthening of the neck muscles is very effective in reducing the chances of concussions (Hrysomallis, 2016). Another way that physios have proven to hep is through the administration of a pre-activity movement control programme, which would work on balance training, whole-body resistance training, plyometric/explosive training, and controlled rehearsal of landing and other rugby specific manoeuvres. This type of exercise programme has shown to decrease the risk of injuries including concussions in schoolboy rugby players (Hislop, et al., 2017).

All of this shows us that concussions are really a serious problem in the game that is so loved in our country from grass root levels all the way to professional level. However, we can see that with involvement and input from World Rugby and initiatives like Boksmart, there is a way to reduce the risks of such severe incidents from occurring. On top of this we can see how physiotherapists have a role to play in the picture, whether it’s to do with preseason work, actual injury management and identification or prevention strategies like neck strengthening for example.

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