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Structured PEAK Programme to address knee pain caused by Osteoarthritis (OA) by Nadia Reuter

Extensive research concludes that it is through education, appropriate exercise prescription and increased physical activity, that knee OA can be managed - without requiring surgery! When you partner with a physiotherapist trained to appropriately address and effectively implement these components, efficacious long-term self-management is possible.

In the PEAK programme, your physiotherapist will lead you through five consultations, over a period of 10 weeks. These consults have been specifically structured and designed to logically build-on the knowledge and skills gained during each consultation. Each consultation follows a holistic approach and comprehensively covers following:

- Assessment and re-assessment: including evaluation of relevant functional activities and balance, as well as unpacking issues raised in the pre-consultation survey.

- Strengthening exercises: patient-specific and problem-targeted exercises, suggested modifications / variations to exercises, appropriate dosage prescription, discussion and management plan for exercising with pain / flare-ups. A Logbook is provided track your strengthening sessions throughout the week and stay accountable.

- Education: topics such as understanding OA, the benefits of exercise / physical activity, understanding pain mechanisms and how to manage pain, the importance of weight loss in managing OA and how to do so safely, as well as how to cope with setbacks and pain flare-ups.

- Physical activity: developing personal daily step goals, identification of potential barriers to achieving physical activity goals and implementing strategies to overcome them, dealing with lapses and set-backs, and setting realistic and ongoing physical activity plans that can be maintained in daily life.

Education is a key component in managing knee OA; it is only through sound knowledge and clear understanding of individual pain processes, that it is possible to deal with the repercussions thereof. The PEAK programme includes access to a collection of excellent, user-friendly resources, based on the most up to date evidence available. This includes educational information, exercise booklets and access to a website featuring exercise video clips, provided by the University of Melbourne. All the abovementioned resources will be used within the sessions.

Completion of the PEAK programme will empower and facilitate you in gaining confidence, acquiring pain management strategies, and continuing to pursue personal physical activity goals.

For more information speak to Nadia, Kay, Lisa or Debbie at Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy on 031 765 8898.

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