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Well known spinning instructor, Sean Suttie shares his challenges and growth through cycling

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Life gives us both positive and negative challenges and at the end of the day this keeps life interesting, especially when we can overcome them.

15 years ago, I had some health challenges, after two unsuccessful operations I had to make some tough choices. First one was leaving the stressful corporate environment and starting my own business in 2009 which has been going ever since. It hasn’t been easy, but I am still going and loving it.

I’ve always had a passion for cycling from a young age and decided 7 years ago to become a spinning instructor. I began spinning in 1995 at the only spin studio in Durban, called the ‘Spin theatre’ in Umhlanga, it had an amazing vibe and started by love of spinning. When Virgin Active opened in Hillcrest 2017, I was given the privilege from Charlene Gouws, who was my mentor, to do the opening class on their state-of-the-art new spinning bikes, the Tomahawks IC6, talk about being thrown into the deep end. It has just been so awesome with each day being a blessing. Working as a spinning instructor has pushed me to grow in self-confidence, something I did not have as a younger person.

As an instructor, it has been fantastic to experience members meeting and mingling from all walks of life, including cyclists who have represented South Africa attend my classes. I love all aspects of instructing from introducing members to riding, setting the bike up, getting them to set goals at least 3 times a week, seeing them get stronger, faster, and fitter and of course first and foremost is to enjoy spinning and have fun.

My challenges so far have been to organise a ‘Party on a bike’, ‘Power challenges’ and ‘100km marathon’ on a stationary bike which have all been driven by pure motivation to overcome and achieve the challenges.

My new challenge for 2022, which I have just launched, is 2500 km in 11 months linked to the 'Strava' App which is a social platform for active individuals. The purpose is to encourage members, no matter what level of fitness or ability to complete the challenge. The ball is already rolling, and our members are keen and motivated.

I am privileged and excited to announce that Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy has come on board and has sponsored me and has also joined the 'Strava' challenge. Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy has treated my sports related aches and injuries for several years which allow me to perform at my best.

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