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Physiotherapy to Enhance Performance through the DynaMo and Telehab App By Kay Twiddy

Updated: Jun 5

The DynaMo Plus

Whether you are a professional sportsperson or a novice, improving at your sport of choice is always encouraging and a confidence boost.

At Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy we make use of the Vald Performance DynaMo Plus. This fantastic product allows us to perform over 300 tests to give objective insight into a patients’ muscle strength and potential imbalances. It also accommodates Range of Motion testing to assess the joints’ ability to move through all the planes of movement effectively. With all this information gathered our physios are then able to analyse the data and create a personalised and specific exercise plan aimed at correcting any muscle imbalances or range of motion deficits identified through the DynaMo testing. 

The device measures muscle power and range of motion, offering real-time data and immediate comparisons of physical symmetry. The wireless connection to computers generates detailed reports, showcasing patient progress visually. Dynamo aids evaluation and motivates patients by providing objective, quantifiable results. This level of assessment was previously only available to elite athletes and research candidates. 

We have an individualised approach in that we create exercise regimens that match with the patients' specific sports and hobbies. We take the intricate movements required by these activities and break them down into their foundational components.

This structured approach not only optimises the effectiveness of the exercise programme but also ensures its appropriate with individual interests and pursuits. We understand that each patient's journey is unique and so we adapt treatment intensity accordingly. Our guidance is rooted in their presenting baseline physical condition and the rate at which they progress. This personalised approach ensures that patients embark on a path of recovery and growth that is both manageable, sustainable, and pleasant for them.

The Telehab Exercise App

Home exercise programmes form an important part of the physiotherapy rehabilitation journey for any injury or condition. They can often be the most difficult part of the process taking determination, good self-efficacy, and discipline.

Only 35 - 50% of home exercise programmes are completed successfully and there can be many perceived barriers that lead to this outcome. For example, busy work schedules, not being able to fit it into the daily routine or experiencing too much pain to even consider exercising. Sometimes it is simply not being able to remember the exercises. Good social support and physical activity levels at the time of the injury have been shown to lead to better adherence to home exercise programmes. An understanding of the injury or condition and to what expect through the rehabilitation journey is also vital in the successful completion on a home exercise programme.

Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy offers the Telehab Exercise App which allows the patient to assess their personalised exercise programme at any time and ‘push-notifications’ send a gentle reminder when it’s time to exercise. The patient is also asked to give feedback during the training session. Any pain levels can be reported as well as the perceived exertion rate experienced during each exercise. This also allows the physiotherapist to monitor the patients progress and graph the changes in pain and exertion. Any pain experienced can be reported on the numerical pain scale and the rate of perceived exertion (RPE) experienced during each exercise can also be recorded on a scale of one to ten. This allows your physiotherapist to monitor your progress and graph the changes in your pain and/or exertion levels. With this excellent information provided to us by the Telehab App we are able to make changes and adapt your programme to effectively and efficiently reach your rehabilitation goals.

When retesting with the DynaMo after several Telehab training sessions the specific percentage increase in muscle strength is graphed and gives a report on the effectiveness of the exercises.

Whether you are aiming to improve your Comrades finishing time or recovering from a long standing or chronic injury, adherence to a personalised, effective and well-monitored exercise programme through a platform like the Telehab Exercise Prescription App will certainly play a big role.

At Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy, the team strives to empower the patient to trust in the capacity of movement as a tool for healing and for the patient to keep mentally strong with an attitude of patience and maintain regular practice of their exercises.

Contact Michelle on 031 765 8898 to book an appointment, or book online. Request DynaMo testing when you do.



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