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With a passion for Physiotherapy and nature, Mariné Smuts, has joined the DCP Team.

Mariné Smuts joined Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy in January this year and has thoroughly enjoyed working with the Upper Highway community. “They are sporty and enthusiastic about their treatments and wanting to make a full recovery so they can return to the sport they love,” explains Mariné.

Mariné grew up in Bloemfontein with an older and younger brother. Her main sport at school was swimming, open-water and pool, and to date she has completed the Midmar Mile five times. She also enjoyed netball, tennis, and karate.

Her fascination with physiotherapy started with her accompanying her mom to her regular physio appointments. “My mom had two car accidents which resulted in a lumbar spine fracture. The surgeons told her she needed to be operated on immediately, and the work of physiotherapy allowed her to postpone this surgery for 15 years,” explains Mariné. “Seeing the impact of physiotherapy made me choose biology and physical science for Matric so I knew I could get into physio at University.”

Mariné also has a love for languages and speaks Afrikaans and German and learnt English at an early age from her older brother, watching TV and reading. Reading is one Mariné’s favourite pastimes.

She studied Physiotherapy at the University of the Free State where she met, fellow physiotherapist, Peter Pfeiffer. They were friends for a very long time before getting together in 3rd year and now they are preparing for their wedding in August this year!

Peter and Mariné completed their Community Service (Comm Serv) at Manguzi Government Hospital and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not only did they learn so much for the multidiscipline team they worked with, but they also made lots of friends. “We all enjoyed spending time outdoors so every weekend there was something fun to do – a beach trip, a game drive or even travelling to Mozambique.”

Like Peter, Mariné was grateful to their supervisor at Manguzi Hospital, Maryke Bezuidenhout, who had a passion for the disabled living in under-resourced communities. They learnt a lot about children with cerebral palsy and the challenges of living in a rural area with a physical disability. They also learnt how to work with wheelchairs and wheelchair users.

When Mariné is not treating patients at Debbie Cameron Physiotherapy Centenary Medical Centre, her and Peter are walking or hiking on the beach, in the berg, or visiting the bush.

To book to see Mariné, please contact Michelle on 031 765 8898.

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